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Sorin Solomon

14 August 2012
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ANRE promised that starting September will gradually reduce the amount of energy that Hidroelectrica is required to deliver on the regulated market, said the judiciary manager.

The price for hydroelectric energy companies "will increase"

The National Agency  for Energy Regulation(ANRE)  promised us to reduce the rate starting September 1 with 1 TWh the electricity rate that Hidroelectrica delivers on the regulated market, said the receiver of Hidroelectrica, Remus Borza.
"The price will increase by 20 percent, but not for people. ANRE favored distributors and energy carrier in recent years, to the detriment of producers. A reckless policy," said Remus Borza Monday, the representative of Euro Insol company, judiciary manager of Hidroelectrica, in a press conference.
Remus Borza added that ANRE forces Hidroelectrica to deliver a large amount of energy to the regulated market, where prices are set by ANRE, but under drought conditions and the declaration of force majeure, the company has reached a very low production.
According to the judiciary manager, the energy production cost estimated for this year was of 125 lei per MWh, but the drought has climbed to 138 lei per MWh.
However, ANRE obliges the company to sell energy to the regulated market to 71 lei per MWh.
"Hidroelectrica has to give 5.5 TWh of electricity on the regulated market where we support the parasitic industry, at the price of 71 lei per MWh. Energy distributors have excessive profits, as well as Transelectrica energy carrier.
"Parasitic industries eats 8 TWh of energy price paid by the population", continued the head of the Euro Insol.
"Now, in case of force major , we only sell what we produce. Last year we had to out from the treasury 750 million USD to buy energy to honor contracts, because the force majeure was started very late," said Remus Borza.
Hidroelectrica public company enabled last week the force major  clause for the second time in less than year because of drought that reduced river flows.
Hidroelectrica major force was established in September 2011 - May 2012.
Hidroelectrica "tax returns"
Remus Borza estimated that the feasible time for the company's insolvency is out June 30, 2013, October of this year, once made ​​by some officials, being unrealistic.
"Insolvency should not scare anyone and neither the fact that Hidroelectrica will stay longer that October, but even should want it.
"I know it sounds ineptitude and I annoyed many, but the term which I estimate to be feasible is June 30, 2013", said Remus Borza.
Hyidroelectrica will earn additional 150 million from renegotiated contract with the largest aluminum producer - Alro Slatina, said Remus Borza.
"From the renegotiation of the original contract with Alro in 2005, and completion of an addendum, Hidroelectrica will have additional income between 540 and 600 million, about 150 million annually.
"We choose to maintain the contract with Alro for that is the largest aluminum producer and consumer of energy and will provide stability and predictability Hidroelectrica," Remus said Borza.
Translated by Alexandra-diana Mircea
MTTLC, Bucharest University

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