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Oana Bâlă

21 Decembrie 2020
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The president laid a wreath at the wayside cross in University Square



31 years ago, December 21 marked the beginning of the Revolution in Bucharest, after the spark of the popular revolt had been ignited in Timisoara, which became the first city free of communism the day before. In the capital, the great popular assembly convened by the dictator Nicolae Ceausescu, did not bring the expected aid for the support of the party and state leadership.

On the contrary, a few hours later the first barricades were formed at the university and in the evening the first people from Bucharest were shot. This morning, President Klaus Iohannis laid a wreath at the wayside cross in University Square in memory of the heroes of the revolution of December 1989. Some of the revolutionists that participated in '89 were there, but the event did not have the magnitude of others in recent years. Reporter: Oana Bala

Reporter: It has already become a tradition for the President of Romania to come to the University Square and lay a wreath every year on December 21 at the cross raised in memory of the heroes who fell during the 1989 revolution.

President Klaus Iohannis came with some of his advisers and did not stay for long.

As usual, a few revolutionists gathered on the sidewalks and wanted to express their dissatisfaction, but the police prevented them from reaching the head of state.

Translated by: Radu Matei

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