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22 Ianuarie 2022
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The Omicron strain has become dominant in Europe



Health officials say the omicron strain of coronavirus has become dominant in Europe, fortunately without increasing hospitalizations in intensive care units.

An explosion of coronavirus cases has occurred in Germany, Russia, but also in Japan and Taiwan. Details are provided by our editor Sorin Motatu.

Reporter: Record number of COVID-19 cases for the fourth day in a row in Tokyo, where the Omicron strain is spreading rapidly. The capital of Japan has registered over 11.000 new cases. Three people have died and 12 patients are in serious condition. Russia is also facing an increase of COVID-19 cases.

The daily number of infections reached 57.000, with 680 deaths. The Omicron strain has become dominant in the European Union, according to the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control.

In Romania, the variant is not dominant, but spread in 37% of diagnosed COVID cases.

According to the quoted source, the risk of hospitalization is much lower for Omicron than for the Delta variant.

Of the reported Omicron cases, only 0.16% required hospitalization for intensive care and only 0.06% died.

Translated by: Radu Matei

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