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Petruţa Obrejan

24 Februarie 2011
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The Government analysed the reform regarding the health care system and announced that, from 1 April, some hospitals would lose financial support.

The number of beds in hospitals ‘decreased by 5,000’


Hospitals that turn down readjustment proposal will not receive any money. Photo: Agerpres

Minister of Health Cseke Attila is reviewing the list including the hospitals aimed to be closed but, undoubtedly, from 1 April, some of these will lose financial support.

This year, the aggregate number of beds in hospitals will be 5,000 less than last year according to the decision taken at the Government’s members meeting held on Wednesday.

‘Hospitals’ reorganization process will proceed’, Minister of Health Cseke Attila stated.

He added that for the time being each hospital’s case would be reviewed because, from 1 April National Health Insurance House would not grant any funds to some of them.

‘Depending on the final list related to readjustment, the hospitals aimed to be readjusted certainly will not benefit from National Health Insurance House’s financial support beginning with 1 April and as a consequence these hospitals will have to be transformed into something else such as retirement homes or health care permanent units’, Cseke Attila stated.  

Attila Cseke mentioned that the last decision regarding hospitals change-over was taken by the local authorities.

‘The Government’s responsibility was to provide some solutions of transforming that specific institution into a retirement home or into health care permanent units on government’s expense either, so people could keep on working.’

‘Moreover, I can give you some examples: by transforming clinics, that, as far as we know, lack staff on duty, into health care permanent units, technically the dwellers in the respective area who benefit from that hospital’s services will have much more than they have now. For the moment, they have neither in the evening nor in the night any doctor to call for’, Atilla Cseke stated.

Likewise, on Wednesday, the Government approved also the National Plan related to beds. The Minister of Health asserted that this plan sets the three-year financial support by providing beds not only for the public health care system but also for the private one so that by 2013, Romania can be close to the European average which is around 5.61 beds per 1,000 dwellers.


Translated by: Cristina Anamaria Maricescu

MA Student, MTTLC, Bucharest University

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