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12 Iunie 2022
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The Dacia plant in Mioveni has initiated a process of voluntary departures



The Dacia factory will offer substantial bonuses to employees who voluntarily choose to terminate their employment contract. The sums of money can reach the equivalent of 26.000 euros.

According to the Facebook page of the Dacia Free Trade Union, the employer initiated, by agreement of the parties, an advantageous program of voluntary departures, with the stated purpose of improving the company's performance.

The value of the premium will depend on seniority: up to 2 years - 16.000 lei net; between 2 and 4 years - 40.000 lei; between 4 and 8 years - 70.000 lei; between 8 and 12 years - 85.000 lei; between 12 and 16 years - 105.000 lei, and over 16 years - 130.000 lei net.

In addition, once the salary is paid in June, employees who will leave through this program can benefit, until the end of 2022, from the reduction provided in the Collective Labor Agreement, when buying a new car from the Dacia, Renault or Nissan range.

The administration from Mioveni also specifies that the recommendation for accessing this program of voluntary departures is addressed especially to the employees from the perimeters where automations, robotizations, digitizations or activity reductions take place.

Applications can be submitted until June 23, and the actual payments on July 1.

Translated by: Radu Matei

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