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Ilie Pintea

5 Martie 2022
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Tens of thousands of Ukrainians continue to flock to the country's borders



Tens of thousands of Ukrainians continue to flee to the country's borders to take refuge outside it.

There is also an opposite flow of Ukrainians returning to the country to contribute to the war effort.

RRA correspondent Ilie Pintea has more details, who spent the night in a refugee camp in Vinita, 260 km from Kyiv.

Indeed, people continue to leave, from the Kiev region, to the borders with Romania and Poland.

Last night, I passed a 15 km column of cars trying to get from Vinita to the border areas. Someone told me that he covered 20 km in eight hours.

The gas stations are empty and /.../ to Kyiv the roads are blocked by the army, there are a lot of checkpoints. Practically, there is only one corridor through which those who leave this area can pass.

On the other hand, many Ukrainians are beginning to return to the country after sheltering their families.

This is what the mayor of a town near Chernivtsi told me yesterday, in which people who had taken their families to Romania, England or Italy began to return to the country to fight, and said that they did not leave their homes, but have secured their families and are returning to contribute to the war effort.

Translated by: Radu Matei

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