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Diana Domenico

16 Februarie 2012
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The whole economy would be affected, as a result of the limitation of the goods transports on the roads and railways and thereby, the economic growth from this year could be compromised, say the transporters’ representatives.

The transporters have many financial losses


The road traffic was resumed  on almost all the national roads. There are still roads on which are entailed tonnage restraints, however, the things seem to evolve, and the news are brought up to date frequently with the situation of the transports on the centralized site of the government.

If the Danube traffic continues to be blocked in many points because of the ice bridges, the problems on the railway are only on a few roads from Bărăgan and the south of the country.

The transporters are not the only ones who begin to calculate important losses as a result of the blizzard and freezing periods.

The whole economy would be affected, as a result of the limitation of the goods transports on the roads and railways and thereby, the economic growth from this year could be compromised, sustain the transporters ‘ representatives.

The expectations of the “ National Union of the  Road Transporters of Romania (UNTRR) shows losses of 30% on January and over 50% on February.

These are caused by the increasing consume of combustible or the   impossibility  to meet the contracts.

Radu Dinescu, UNTRR ’s representative says that the situation is unheard of, and other countries that are confronting with similarly situations, the authorities limit, as much as they can, the shutting of the commercial traffic.

“The account will be more increased for the whole Romanian economy and I believe that the all Romanian macroeconomic pointers for 2012 were compromised by the way in which they could not circulate on the roads in this period relatively long”, declared Radu Dinescu.

The producers also lose hundreds of thousands € because the delivering is significantly late, any developed company or aggregate work spending for maintenance and salaries in this period, without producing anything.

Measures for combating the blockage

The National Union of Romanian Employers’ president, Marian Miluţ, says that a middling firm can lose even 100,000 € a day because of the blockages and that is why it must be taken some measures.

“It is necessary an urgent meeting with the government and this business established, in this way a part from the trays could be prorogued for March, April and so on when the activity is retaken, it may be given a technical lay-off and at least we should not pay the taxes and charges on the salary; we pay them the salary but without paying the taxes and charges on February; things that must be taken, if we want not to bring companies to insolvency, because any way of payment made not in term blocks the account of that company”, declared Marian Miluţ.

The grocery stores have also suffered, the small ones this time, who did not have the possibility to cater a long time before it was announced the unfavourable weather, not having the possibility to store the aliments, believes the marketing manager of a hypermarket from Bucharest, Andreea Mihai.

She sustains that the developed retailers won when people provided for a longer period of time, when there were announced bad weather conditions, and now their supply is stationary.course , there are some brands that do not enter  the shop, but these are isolated cases. If bad weather continues or the powerful snow comes again in the following 2-3 days, there could be problems.

"There were days in which the population got frightened and came to buy very much, in order to have for a few days, a week in their houses, and there were days in which they did not come, because they have already bought before and others could not arrive anymore”, declared Andreea Mihai.

Translated by Anamaria Petrache
MTTLC, Bucharest University



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