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Radu Dobrițoiu

4 Iulie 2018
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New missile systems require rethinking the strategies of the Romanian Armed Forces with great involvement of the new Command of Communications and Informatics.

RRA Exclusive Interview: Modern technique requires rethinking strategies


Upgrading the Romanian Armed Forces with missile systems for land, air and naval forces will require the rethinking of all combat strategies. This will also include the training of future NCOs (Non-Commissioned Officers) and officers, starting from the military colleges, said Romanian Chief of Defense Staff, General Nicoale Ciucă, in an exclusive interview for Radio Romania News (RRA).

First and most important decision is that the "Tudor Vladimirescu" Military High School in Craiova should be subordinated directly to the Communications Command, because, according to General Ciucă, the present and future army is based on information technology and technologies.

HIMARS missile systems destined for the Romanian Armed Forces will ensure the accuracy of long-range strikes of the land forces. In a statement for Radio Romania News (RRA), Chief of Defense Staff, General Nicoale Ciucă said that missile systems, including anti-tank, anti-ship and Patriot, will lead to new strategic tactics for the Romanian Army in a system coordinated with the Communications and Information Command.

General Nicolae Ciucă for RRA:

"We decided, and it was a collective decision at the level of the General Staff of Defense and the Ministry of National Defense, to move towards a specific capability for terrestrial strikes of high distance and high precision ...the HIMARS systems. They will fundamentally change everything that means conception and vision, both in terms of education and action, of the land forces, because they include elements that ... aside of the technological aspect will cause a whole series of changes on the training and adaptation of tactics and  procedures in the field of military action ".

Chief of Defense Staff, General Nicoale Ciucă, also told RRA Military Reporter Radu Dobriţoiu that the first Patriot missile system will be operational in the first quarter of 2020. Coastal defense will be upgraded with anti-ship missiles that will complement the HIMARS and Patriot systems.

Source:RRA.Translated by Miruna Matei


Etichete sisteme HIMARSmodernizare armatageneral Nicolae Ciucainformatizare armata

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