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Iulian Olescu

14 Iulie 2021
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Romanians on vacation



With the relaxation of anti-COVID measures in Romania and around the world, more and more employees are making travel plans for this year's vacation.

Over 40% of them choose their holiday destination according to the restrictions in the country they want to visit - reveals a survey conducted by the online recruitment platform BestJobs.

A high number of people who want to go abroad say that they have been vaccinated just to be able to reach the desired destination.

Half of the Romanians who took part in the survey state that they no longer have any worries regarding the possible risks to which they are exposed during the holidays.

On the other hand, 28% fear that people have relaxed too much and no longer respect hygiene and social distancing measures, and 19% are worried about the prospect of another wave of the epidemic and, implicitly, the imposition of new restrictions, which could upset their vacation plans.

The BestJobs survey reveals that so far 54% of Romanian employees have already made concrete vacation plans, while 15 percent say they will not travel this summer.

Of those who plan to enjoy days off, 42% prefer to spend them in the country, 18 percent plan to share their vacation between visiting the country and foreign destinations, and 12% plan their vacation exclusively abroad .

34% of respondents say they plan to spend more than last year, while 22% will have no expenses due to lack of plans, and 16 percent want to spend less than in 2020.

Translated by: Radu Matei

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