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21 Iunie 2022
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Romanian naval exercise with a high degree of difficulty



The Romanian Naval Forces carries out, between June 21-23, sea-air-land complex training activities in the Constanta-Mangalia area and in the Romanian maritime space in the Black Sea, to increase the interoperability between the participant forces and to execute the missions planned for the 2022 training year.

Approximately 800 soldiers from the structures of the Fleet, Naval Logistics Base "Pontica", Brigade 243 Radioelectronics and Observation "Callatis", Maritime Hydrographic Directorate and 110 Communications and Informatics Center will practice standard operational procedures for naval surveillance, research and neutralization of marine mines, maritime and air image maintenance, as well as for the provision of information, logistics and hydrography during the conduct of combat operations.

At sea, the Maritime Battle Group will consist of six ships and two Puma Naval helicopters, and on land the actions of this force will be supported by two mobile rocket launchers. In accordance with international law, the Maritime Hydrographic Directorate has issued a notice to seafarers announcing the coordinates of the sea districts in which artillery fire is being carried out, as well as the period and time interval in which those districts, from the Exclusive Economic Zone and the Contiguous Zone of Romania are dangerous for surface navigation and immersion, being recommended to maintain a safe distance.

"Shield Protector" is an annual exercise, planned and organized by the Romanian Naval Forces and aims to strengthen the skills of ship's crews and command structures, in application of standard NATO procedures to combat threats in the three environments, air, surface and underwater.

Translated by: Radu Matei

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