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1 Octombrie 2020
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Romania: More than 9.000 women find out they have breast cancer every year



In Romania, more than 9.000 women find out that they have breast cancer every year and more than 3.000 pass away because the disease was not discovered in time.

Diagnosis and treatment come with a strong emotional impact for patients, which is why the Federation of Associations of Cancer Patients and the Immunis Association launched today, at the beginning of the month dedicated to the fight against breast cancer, the campaign "She needs you, talk to her!"

The campaign aims to be closer to women with breast cancer and to send messages of support that give confidence and peace of mind to patients and their relatives.

The representative of the Federation of Associations of Cancer Patients, Dr. Gabriela Saulea, states that during the campaign, for eight weeks, patients and their relatives will benefit from free group therapies.

Gabriela Saulea: What we want to do is help the woman who receives such a diagnosis to get over this experience more easily, because we consider it an experience that can be overcome if we have an optimistic approach and view on the situation. The support groups, for eight weeks, will guide these patients through the whole new situation they face. These things will start soon and I'm calling on those who want to be part of this project to register on the federation's website and join groups. It will be a community where women feel supported.

Reporter: The group therapies will be held by Cosmina Grigore, breast cancer survivor and president of the Imunis Association and by Cornelia Carlescu, clinical psychologist at the Bucharest Oncological Institute.

Host: Victoria Palace will be colored in pink between 20:00 and 24:00 to mark the International Day for the Fight Against Breast Cancer.

Romania has a national screening program for breast cancer made possible by European funds, and recent estimates by the International Agency for Research on Cancer show that in the European Union breast cancer is the most common type of cancer among women, with over 400.000 new cases diagnosed annually.

Translated by: Radu Matei

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