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15 Iunie 2017
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The President calls for an urgent solution to the crisis within the governing coalition, Presidency spokesperson said today

Reaction of the Presidential Administration to the political crisis


 Spokesperson of the Presidential Administration, Mădălina Dobrovolschi. Photo. video capture.

Presidential Administration spokesperson Mădălina Dobrovolschi has made a press statement today, on the current political situation. Statement has been transmitted live by RRA.

Mădălina Dobrovolschi:

I want to thank you for attending this press statement.

I inform you that the President of Romania has received the letter signed by PSD and ALDE presidents announcing that they have withdrawn the political support from the Government.

The President of Romania took notice of the dissatisfaction within the ruling coalition on the activity of the Executive, and that there were requests for the changing of the entire cabinet. In this respect, the Presidential Administration makes the following clarifications related to the procedure:

According to Art.106 of the Romanian Constitution, "the function of a member of the government ceases after resignation, dismissal, loss of the electoral rights, incompatibility status, death, as well as in other cases stipulated by the law. "If the Prime Minister is in one of the situations mentioned in Article 106, except for the dismissal, or is incapable to perform his duties, the President of Romania shall designate another member of the Government as interim Prime Minister to fulfill the duties of the Prime Minister until the formation of the new Government".

For the moment, we are not in any of the situations mentioned in the Constitution.

When the Prime Minister chair will become vacant, either as a result of Prime Minister's resignation or by the adoption of a no-confidence motion in the Parliament, the President of Romania will initiate constitutional proceedings to nominate a candidate for the post of Prime Minister.

If the Government is dismissed in accordance with the Constitution, the President of Romania will strictly follow the procedural steps stipulated in the fundamental law.

The President calls for an urgent solution to the crisis within the governing coalition, in order to avoid political instability. The resolution of the internal crisis of the coalition is strictly the responsibility of the parties it is composed of. The President of Romania guarantees compliance with the Constitution in this procedure.

Source:RRA. Translated by Miruna Matei

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