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Alex Lancuzov

21 August 2018
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RAR Director says, exclusively for Radio Romania Actualităţi, that this proposal is meant to reduce the risk of accidents.

RAR Proposal: Right-hand drive cars to be rejected at technical inspection


Photo: Agerpres

Romanian Automotive Register (RAR) has recently proposed that the right-hand drive cars be rejected at the Periodic Technical Inspection.

Measure could enter into force next year, when through an already approved regulation, registration of right-hand drive cars brought from the UK will also be banned.

Director of the Romanian Automotive Register, George Dincă, said exclusively for Radio Romania Actualităţi that this proposal is meant to reduce the risk of accidents:  

George Dincă: "We thought of making a proposal to amend Government Ordinance 81/2000 on public road traffic, in the sense that cars with the steering wheel on the right side will no longer pass the Technical Inspection. Proposal will come into force next year. What can be done is modifying right-hand drive cars into left-hand drive cars, some owners of such cars have already done this change, to avoid accidents on public roads".

Almost 15,000 right-hand drive cars have been registered in Romania in the first six months of 2018, and the number increases. One of the reasons people buy these right-hand drive cars is their low price.

Source:RRA.Translated by Miruna Matei

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