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25 Iulie 2019
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Tăriceanu: I am not running to make a nice figure, but to confront Klaus Iohannis from equal basis.

Presidential elections in Romania: Tăriceanu enters the race


ALDE President Călin Popescu-Tăriceanu says he will run for the Romanian presidential elections to confront Klaus Iohannis, arguing that Romania's fate must be in the hands of politicians with experience and competence, not of ‘lab creations, teleported to Cotroceni'.

"I decided to enter the presidential race (...) I will run on behalf of ALDE and of all those who believe that the time has come for our country to go beyond the era of social experiments. The fate of Romania must be in the hands of politicians with experience and competence, not of some laboratory creations, teleported to Cotroceni by games of interest, not by their own work and accomplishments", Tăriceanu posted on Facebook on Wednesday.

He considers himself an 'experienced politician'. "I served as a deputy, senator, minister, deputy prime minister, prime minister, president of the Senate, vice president of a European party, I have led parties, founded parties, in power or in opposition, I contributed to the conception of the first post-communist Constitution, and I have tasted both victory and defeat. So I have gone through all the stages of a fulfilled career and I have done this, most of the time, with the chance of being surrounded by exceptional people, with whom I have built. First of all, politics means teamwork and construction effort. I have had the chance to be the prime minister who signed Romania's EU accession, probably the greatest achievement since December 1989 Revolution. I saw how political times and figures have changed. We have seen brave leaders and wise leaders, but we have also seen political leaders who only had one interest – to be reelected. And in the name of this desire to be real, they sacrificed everything: the principles, the people, the liberties and the values of the Romanians. Everything!', ALDE leader said.

ALDE president says that "unity, internal balance, common sense that must keep us on the right path" need to be found again, and calls for electoral support to build a better, united Romania”.

"For all this, I decided to enter the battlefield and fight all the way. I am not running to make a nice figure in the first round but to confront Klaus Iohannis from equal basis. I do not make underground arrangements just to smooth the current president's way to a new term. A term that the worst president in history does not deserve, like he did not deserve the one in progress either. The first president who leaves nothing behind. I'm not one of those who think the dice have already been cast. The battle is not over. Battle just starts! I am asking for your support in this project, I am asking for your support to build a better Romania, a united Romania, that stands in solidarity. We need such a Romania, because this means a strong Romania. Head up, Romanians! We are going all the way to the end!", ALDE leader wrote.

Călin Popescu - Tăriceanu was confirmed on Wednesday by ALDE leadership as the party's candidate for the presidential elections this autumn.

Source:RRA.Translated by Miruna Matei


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