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Beatrice Brăileanu

9 Mai 2012
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Doctors pay an insufficient attention to hand washing before the contact with the patient, warns World Health Organization (OMS).

OMS appeals to doctors to often wash their hands


Almost 10 percent of  patients contact various infections during their treatment within a hospital unit , reveals a published study by OMS, which assesses the incidence of nosocomial infections in the world, broadcasts on Tuesday Daily Med.

In the developed countries, according to the study, 7 patients of  100 contact such infections, while in the emergent countries the percentage is bigger, of 10 percent.

Within the reminded study, the OMS experts have noticed that every  third patient from the intensive care or resuscitation contacts nosocomial infections.

In this respect, they outline that the main responsibility in spreading of this type of infection belongs to the medical staff, which most of the times breaks the personal hygiene care.

Especially, the medical staff pays an insufficient attention to hand washing before the contact with the patients, signals OMS.

The organization appeals to doctors to disinfect their hands with special solutions or, in the worst case with regular soap.

Translated by Alexandra-Diana Mircea
MTTLC, Bucharest University


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