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Dragoş Bone

29 Iunie 2018
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After Brexit, number of MEPs will fall from 751 to 705. However, Romania will have one more seat than in the current European Parliament.

Number of MEPs will be reduced from 751 to 705 after Brexit


European Council today adopted a decision on the composition of the European Parliament, setting out the number of representatives in each Member State to be elected to the European Parliament for the 2019-2024 parliamentary term.

Decision reduces and redistributes European Parliament seats following announcement by the United Kingdom to exit the European Union. The new composition will reduce the size of the European Parliament from 751 to 705 Members (MEPs).

46of the 73 UK seats freed up by Brexit will remain available for possible EU enlargement or will remain empty, thus reducing the size of Parliament. 27 UK seats will be shared out among 14 under-represented EU countries.

Romania will receive a seat, thus reaching 33 MEPs. 

Decision also stresses that the new allocation will apply only if the United Kingdom leaves the EU. Otherwise, the current arrangements would stay in place until Brexit has been legally completed.

Source:RRA, European Parliament and European Council Press Rooms. Translated by Miruna Matei


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