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Mirela Ursachi

16 Februarie 2012
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Articles from dailies Jurnalul Naţional, Adevărul, Evenimentul Zilei and România Liberă.

National Press Review, February 16


Jack-at-a-pinch or an adventure Jurnalul Naţional wonders refer to the fact the coalition leaders have pledged to ratify the EU fiscal governance treaty.

The newspaper notes on the one hand, the opinion of ruling parties leaders – who support the necessity of the treaty for a healthy budget and economic stability – and, on the other hand, the  opposition has doubts concerning the consequences of applying the treaty.

Also, România Liberă approaches the topic in terms of different positions on this subject of political parties, but of economists.

The publication points out the provisions of the treaty will be signed in Brussels early next month, but also the viewpoints of the opposition “who does not understand this haste” in conditions Romania is still outside the Euro area.

In turn, some economists consider that the European pact is welcome and will discipline the government officials who “threw down the drain up to now ”, but there are also some who believe that Romanian’s economic development will be affected.

With the headline “Prince against King - a stake of 100 million of Euros”, Evenimentul Zilei writes about “ Prince Paul was acknowledged by a historic decision of the High Court of Cassation and Justice of Romania ( ICCJ) as a legitimate heir of  Royal Family.

The decision is, in fact, a recognition of the decision in 1955 of the Lisbon Court, which is written out exclusively in the content of the article.

Details about the standpoint of the Royal House as compared the decision of the Court, but also the rights of Prince Paul to the royal possessions you can find in the daily pages.

Adevărul presents an event-interview with the professor Neagu Djuvara on current issues, both social and political.

”How we could go back socially”, “how can be removed from key posts people of old system”, “how will be in history Emil Boc” or “what effects will have the latest political changes “- there are some of the questions to answer Neagu Djuvara.

Also, Adevărul claims that “industry and agriculture have increased the economy”.

The newspaper relies on statistics and says the GDP grew with 2.5 percent last year, but decreased by 0.5 percent in 4th quarter.

The article author considers that have been exceeded the most optimistic expectations, but the drought in autumn and the blizzard this month could return us to crisis.

Translated by Denisse-Meda Bucura
MTTLC, Bucharest University


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