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Mirela Ursachi

20 Aprilie 2012
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Articles from dailes Jurnalul Naţional, România Liberă, Evenimentul Zilei and Adevărul.

National Press Review, April 20


Prime Minister Mihai Răzvan Ungureanu’ meetings with the ruling power coalition representatives , the  announcement effects of leaving PDL of senator Mihaela Popa and tensions within USL – are some of the topics of the today’s newspapers.

"Mihai Ungureanu in pilgrimage through coalition"- headlines Jurnalul Naţional, relating to yesterday’s talks between Prime Minister and PDL, UDMR and UNPR leaders.

Among other things, it was analyzed the situation in Parliament, after the Democrat-Liberal senator, Mihaela Popa announced she would leave PDL to go to PNL.

On Monday, the Head of the Executive will also  meet with the leaders of minority group, meetings aim being the setting up of common positions in the context of the forthcoming debate of the motion, and preparing of an important political moment, - namely, delivering a speech in the plenary session of  Parliament by the European Council President , Herman van Rompuy.

The article’s author gives details about the opinions of representatives of ruling power parties on the motion, in the context of  Mihaela Popa’s  departure from PDL and change the balance power-opposition in Senate.

At the question " What wins USL by Senate conquest?" is trying to answer the România Liberă newspaper, that comments on:

" if the current ruling power  had any hope that it would be able to adopt the administrative –territorial reform in the current term, this hope has vanished yesterday when Senator Mihaela Popa moved from  PDL boat to the PNL one, changing the majority at Senate  in favour of USL, decisional chamber on administrative reorganization.

The publication notes the reasons of departure from party and possible undeclared causes of this act.

Under the headline " Bargain to bury USL in capital", Evenimentul Zilei presents the backstage of the first major dispute in USL, disagreements that are likely, according to the newspaper, to blow up the common candidatures in Bucharest.

The daily claims that PSD leader, Victor Ponta, accused PNL president, Crin Antonescu , of the breach of an agreement , related to an exchange of local candidates and believes that this situation makes PSD and PNL to proceed to separate candidatures.

At last, " Euro changeover, set in stone  in 2015, announces Adevărul and explains:

"The Government approved the Convergence program 2012, which provides that over less than three years , we will adopt the single currency".

Until then-adds the newspaper , Romania should meet severe  criteria for membership.

In addition, the set  targets are exposed in  the document approved by the Executive as well as the viewpoint of economists, related to accession to  monetary union.

Translated by
Denisse-Meda Bucura
MTTLC, Bucharest University

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