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Mirela Ursachi

2 Aprilie 2012
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Articles from dailies Jurnalul Național, Evenimentul Zilei, România Liberă and Adevărul.

National Press Review April 2


“Recession is becoming more and more of a certainty for Romania”, Jurnalul Naţional announces. The author of the articles states that the possibility of recession comeback is supported by the 1.4 percent decrease in energy consumption recorded at the beginning of the year, as well as by the fact that Dacia, the country’s largest exporter, has temporarily sent its employees home due to the low demand. The publication also lists the signals given by the industry in this respect, when a series of companies closed production or have worked at a slower pace as a result of the low temperatures registered this winter and the hardships encountered in stocking.

On the other hand, Evenimentul Zilei offers “12 areas in which Romania may still be competitive”. In the following 8 years, our country should focus on areas like agriculture, IT, green energy or research and development work – Andreea Paul, the president of the National Competitiveness Council believes. The National Competitiveness Strategy, which is currently underway, is aimed at changing Romania’s place among the seven European countries with the most competitive economies from last, where it is situated at the moment, to last but one.

România Liberă writes about the “True smart guys in the Energy department”, meaning the students and graduates of the Research and Development Institute from the “Transilvania” University of Braşov, which is amongst the most modern one in southeast Europe when it comes to renewable energy. Almost the entire activity of the students is “kept secret”. However, the newspaper offers details on some of their accomplishments, which include designing an ideal heating system allowing the owner of the house to pay almost zero lei as heating and hot water expenses, for the life span of the device and for a surface of 200 square metres.

“Doorbell for fraud in the Health department” – Adevărul headlines and explains: the Integrated and Unique Information System, which has already been implemented by the National Health Insurance House(CNAS). It is the largest database in Romania and contributes to the elimination of fraud. The system has a weak point - the publication adds - in the acute lack of medical staff, especially qualified staff; on this topic, the president of the National Health Insurance House, Lucian Duţă, has recently stated that the understaffing problem may find its solution in putting the brakes on the wave of people leaving to work in foreign clinics.

According to the daily newspaper, the leader of NHIH believes that after the changes in the Health department’s information system are complete, there will be a significant decrease in fraud instances, and the money saved as a result may be used to increase the wages of the medical personnel.

Translated by:
Cristina Baciu, MA Student, MTTLC, Bucharest University

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