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22 Octombrie 2019
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Birchall: CVM for Romanian is critical in terms of the eight recommendations made in the November 2018 CVM report.

Justice Minister Birchall convenes CVM committee


  Ana Birchall. Photo: archive 

Acting Justice Minister Ana Birchall has announce on Tuesday that she will convene the committee dealing with the Cooperation and Verification Mechanism (CVM) in an urgent meeting, to set an action plan and apply recommendations contained in the European Commission report on Romania's progress under CVM. 

European Commission’s latest Cooperation and Verification Mechanism (CVM) for Romania is critical in terms of the eight recommendations made in the November 2018 CVM report, said Ana Birchall.

European Commission regrets that Romania did not engage with the additional recommendations made in November 2018, which were fully in line with the positions of the other institutions. These recommendations need to be followed if the reform process is to be put back on track and the path towards the conclusion of the CVM, as set out in the January 2017 report, resumed. The Commission is confident that Romania could give a new momentum to fulfilling the objectives of the CVM, and stands ready to help the Romanian authorities to this end (excerpt of CVM Report, source European Commission).

Source:RRA,Agerpres, European Commission


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