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Paul Poteraşi

22 Noiembrie 2012
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The Minister of Agriculture said that all imports of fruit from Turkey will be under scrutiny, after certain irregularities have been found in 120 tons of grapefruit.

Imports of fruit from Turkey, "analyzed a period"


The Minister of Agriculture, Daniel Constantin. Photo:

The Minister of Agriculture, Daniel Constantin, said Tuesday that all imports of fruit from Turkey will be examined for a period, after they were discovered at a control such products with a high content of fungicides.

Daniel Constantin, confirmed that 120 tons of grapefruits from Turkey were destroyed after their seizure of control of the National Authority Health and food Safety (ANSVSA) and the Ministry of Agriculture because of the higher content of fungicides than that provided by the European regulations.

"All the fruit that will be imported from Turkey in the next period will be subject to the analysis of the two institutions. It is a fungicide used to control pests and diseases for these plants identified over dose of European regulations.

"Used in large quantities can cause adverse effects in animals and for human consumption. Our duty is to provide the citizens of Romania, but also in the EU quality standards.

"For some time now to look into more carefully all imports of fruit from Turkey," said Daniel Constantin, to Parliament.

"Overshoot of the maximum permissible limits of pesticide residues

According to Mediafax, laboratory expertise has shown instances of maximum permissible limits of pesticide residues for the active substance ' imazalil ' in samples taken from a batch of six cargo transportations from Turkey, 20 tons each.

'Imazalil ' is an active substance, with antifungal used in plant disease control.

The presence of residues exceeding the maximum limit allowed in these fruits from Turkey, raises, according to the Ministry of Agriculture, serious question marks over the official controls carried out by the competent Turkish authorities, both at the level of producers and official control in order to export to other countries.

Translated by
Denisse-Meda Bucura

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