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17 Aprilie 2019
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Romania wanted to provide a platform for in-depth discussions at an important moment for Central Asia.

High Level Conference to mark adoption of new EU Strategy for Central Asia


High level conference do mark adoption of a new EU Strategy for Central Asia has been organized by Romanian Foreign Ministry in Bucharest. EU Strategy pursues sustainable development of both regions.

Romania wanted to provide a platform for in-depth discussions at an important moment for Central Asia, in the context of adopting a new EU strategy for the region, a strategy that starts from the basic idea that countries in the region have become important partners of the EU, including in terms of connectivity and energy, Romanian Foreign Minister Teodor Meleșcanu said.

As part of the Strategy, EU wants to continue cooperation formats, through ministerial meetings, cooperation councils with each Central Asian country, and meetings for high-level political and security dialogue.

Strategy aims to develop a strong and sustainable relationship based on assuming responsibilities, with a view to achieving stable and sustainable economic prosperity and development in the region, in line with EU's overall strategy and UN's sustainable development goals.

Strategy leaves room for every Central Asian country to choose the depth of its relationship with the EU. This refers to values and to how much countries in the region want to implement reforms to strengthen democracy, fundamental rights, rule of law and independence of the judiciary. It also refers to opportunities for these countries to modernize and diversify their economies.


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