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Andrei Şerban

6 Decembrie 2019
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Romanian Government will decide, on Friday, a timetable for assuming responsibility for several important bills.

Government meeting at Victoria Palace


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Romanian Government will decide, on Friday, a timetable for assuming responsibility for several important bills. According to Prime Minister Ludovic Orban, the Executive intends to use such a procedure next week to adopt amendments to the Laws of Justice.

Another project for which the Government wants to undertake its responsibility is the budget ceilings, if it is ready in time. 

RRA Reporter Petruţa Obrejan: Current Executive intends to assume responsibility in parliament next week - says Prime Minister Ludovic Orban - on the so-called" justice package ", which is intended to delay both the early retirement of magistrates and the passing of from sets of two to those of three judges. Another aspect concerns maintaining seniority at two years and not at four for entering the Judiciary, but all of this is to be found in a draft law that will be today on the Executive's table, most likely on the supplementary order. As Prime Minister Ludovic Orban said, without taking rapid action, the legal system could collapse.

Prime Minister Ludovic Orban: "Early retirement will lead to disappearance of approximately 2,700 magistrates in the system - this means that there is a major risk that many trials will resume from the beginning and access of citizens to the act of justice will be limited, because anticipated retirement of thousands of magistrates, and increasing seniority for entering the Judiciary to four years will create an acute shortage of personnel in the courts and practically will not be able to judge the causes of the Romanian citizens, which means a restriction of citizens’ free access to justice".

Ministers will also discuss a draft Emergency Ordinance on rail safety, aiming to allow competitive procedures for awarding public service contracts, rail safety and interoperability at the highest level, and to optimize rail transport, which must become greener, safer and more energy efficient, as shown in the European directive, to ensure a high level of mobility, but also of environmental protection".

Source:RRA.Translated by Miruna Matei


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