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30 Noiembrie 2019
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4,000 military and specialists will take part in the national military parade in Bucharest.

December 1st: National Day of Romania


  Photo: Romanian Ministry of Defense (MApN) - Bogdan Aron Pantilimon

On Sunday, December 1st, some 4,000 military and specialists with the Defense and Interior Ministries, Romanian Intelligence Service and National Penitentiary Administration, in addition to 200 pieces of military technology, will take part in the national military parade in Bucharest. 

According to the Defense Ministry, some 500 military from Romania's 21 allied or partner countries will be taking part as well. Depending on the weather, over 50 aircraft will be participating in the parade. The public will also be able to visit an open-air exhibition. Various events will be held in other cities in Romania. 

National flag will be displayed on all military buildings, while all maritime and river ships will be dressed up overall. Romanian military in theatres of operations in Afghanistan, Western Balkans, Mali, Iraq and Poland are also organizing military ceremonies and specific activities on this occasion. 

December 1st became Romania's National Day after the December 1989 anti-Communist revolution and it marks the completion, at the end of World War I, in 1918, of the process of creating the Romanian unitary nation state, when all the provinces included in the neighboring multinational empires, with a majority Romanian-speaking population, came under the authority of Bucharest.

Source:RRA.Translated by Miruna Matei

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