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Ana-Maria Cîrstea, Râmnicu Vâlcea

21 Decembrie 2020
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Caught by police with illegal firecrackers for sale



Police point out that the use of firecrackers during this period is a criminal offence. Many Romanians are already starting to use them, despite the legislation in force, which is why law enforcement officers carry out numerous checks during this period.

The RRA correspondent Ana-Maria Carstea now tells us about the situation in Valcea.

Reporter: Those who own and sell firecrackers and fireworks illegally risk imprisonment from three months to a year.

Only during this week, law enforcement officers found, following the actions carried out in Ramnicu Valcea, two young people selling such materials: one, aged 23, had on him 10 kilograms of pyrotechnic articles; both are now being investigated for committing the crime of carrying out operations with pyrotechnic articles without a right.

At the same time, the policemen from Valcea also draw attention to the fact that those who sell such products endanger the lives of those who choose to use them.

Translated by: Radu Matei

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