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Carmen Gavrilă

9 Mai 2022
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Bogdan Aurescu: Romania wants to revitalize the EU enlargement process



Romania wants to boost the process of enlarging the Union and supports the requests of Ukraine, the Republic of Moldova and Georgia to receive the status of candidate countries for accession.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Bogdan Aurescu, made this statement at an event dedicated to Europe Day and Romania's membership in the Union. Transmitted by Carmen Gavrila.

Reporter: Carmen Gavrila - The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Bogdan Aurescu, stated that the latest polls show that the vast majority of Romanians consider that it is in the national interest for our country to remain in the European Union.

Bogdan Aurescu: This terrible war with so many innocent victims, victims of war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide committed by Russian troops, shows us again how important it is to continue to strengthen our strategic resilience, both inside the country as well as at EU level.

Reporter: The representatives of the European Commission in Romania, Ramona Chiriac, made a comparison with the military parade in Moscow.

Ramona Chiriac: Our parade is that of humanity and peaceful living, our parade is that of solidarity and unity. War prevention in Europe has reminded us that our European values, democracy, the rule of law, peace and prosperity are not self-evident and must be defended every day by each of us, even on the battlefield.

Reporter: In his turn, the presidential adviser Luminita Odobescu mentioned that since Romania became a member of the Union, the country's Gross Domestic Product has tripled, and the GDP per capita is four times higher.

Luminita Odobescu: On Europe Day, important issues were addressed in the European Parliament today, such as the need to revise the European treaties in order to bring them up to date and adapt them to the times we live in, and other reforms demanded by citizens for a year in consultations on the future of Europe, as well as the desire to end the war in Ukraine.

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen has spoken out in favor of amending the Union's treaties if necessary.

Translated by: Radu Matei

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