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Adrian Lungu, Sălaj

21 Decembrie 2020
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Authorities ask the population to comply with health regulations



Shopping fever wipes out the concept of virus prevention. In some stores social distance no longer exists, just like other protection measures. Authorities warn the population that the danger has not passed.

The RRA correspondent in Salaj, Adrian Lungu, reports.

Reporter: Many are tired of wearing a sanitary mask everywhere, but it is necessary to prevent the spread of the virus, the Salaj medical authorities point out.

Amalia Gavrilut, pulmonologist, Zalau County Emergency Hospital: The mask, the social distancing and the restrictions are not necessarily a burden, as they can be safety and prevention measures to protect us and our families from the illness.

Reporter: Don't forget about hand hygiene.

Ramona Marincas, Zalau County Emergency Hospital: Hand hygiene seems to be a strong antidote against diseases and it is unfortunate that a pandemic had to come for people to understand this, but on the other hand, we take the good lessons that we learn from this pandemic and one of them is that hand hygiene saves lives and can even protect us from getting the new coronavirus.

Reporter: Store administrators are urged to take measures to comply with health regulations and those for physical distance throughout their activity.

Translated by: Radu Matei

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